Cozy Orange Eco-Friendly Athletic Wear Review

The line between gym clothes and street clothes has become increasingly blurred in the past year. Athletic clothes are becoming more stylish, and at the same time it’s become more acceptable to wear yoga pants and a tank to brunch.

I even wore yoga clothes to a business meeting a few weeks back. I already had a class scheduled for right before, so I asked them if they minded. They didn’t, and the meeting went great. (I mean, they already know how I dress. I’m a blogger, after all.)

gym clothes

Still, if you’re going to run around the city in workout clothes, they need to have a modicum of chic. You could get that chic from Cozy Orange, which makes eco-friendly, flattering workout gear from recycled plastic bottles. They use recycled and/or reusable material in their packaging and hangtags too

eco-friendly clothes

The clothing is manufactured in Cambodia, in facilities that are evaluated by sustainability teams to help ensure they continuously improve their processes and meet new standards of efficient eco-friendly production.

I got an outfit to test drive and I wore the sheer white coverup, black sports bra, and black leggings with trendy sheer panels to an insane spin class in Williamsburg. (Not SoulCycle. Harder. Yes, harder.) Everything held up beautifully, stayed put, and kept me comfortable. The sports bra has a little bit of padding for modesty and gave me solid support. I threw it all in the wash and wore it again to take these pictures. So as you can see, it’s good quality workout gear.