Cozy Orange

Anyone who has ever said that yoga is too slow for them has obviously never tried CardiYoga.

What’s “CardiYoga” you ask?

It’s cardio meets yoga — a fast-paced, heart-pumping exercise hybrid intended to sculpt your muscles and at the same time develop core strength, stability and cardiovascular endurance.

I was inspired to create this workout after receiving this incredibly cute and comfortable outfit from Cozy Orange‘s new fall line. After I was done oohing and aahing over the adorable printed pants and figure-flattering top, I was ready to get my Om on.

This 15-minute routine will get you nice and sweaty in a short period of time. It works for all fitness levels and yogis/non-yogis alike.

If you’d like to try it out, all you need is your hottie body and a mat.


Complete each of the following exercises once (each side for some), then repeat!




Begin standing with legs spread wide and arms extended. Pivot left foot out, reach left arm to the side and bend down into Triangle Pose, bringing your left hand to your left foot. As soon as you reach full triangle, engage your abs and using your torso, return to standing.

Triangle Pose

Now, pivot your right foot out to the side and come into triangle on the right side. Immediately return to standing. Keep alternating triangle pose back and forth for one minute. Move quickly and steadily, but not so fast that you are unable to maintain proper posture. Keep your back and legs straight, and do not lock out your knees. Focus on engaging abs.


3 TO TREE - 2 minutes

Warrior 3

Start in Warrior 3 with arms extended or in prayer at your heart. Slowly, with your core engaged, bring your torso up and your leg forward.

Tree pose

From this modified tree pose, slowly arch forward again and return to Warrior 3. Repeat for one minute, without touching the ground with the lifted leg, maintaing posture and stability. Repeat for another minute on the opposite leg.



Side Angle

Begin in Side Angle with one arm extended above your head and the other resting on your knee. Quickly, windmill the arms backward into Reverse Warrior.

Windshield Wipering

Hold each pose for about half a second before transitioning into the other, “windshield wipering,” back and forth. Repeat for one minute, then another minute on the opposite side.


THE BOOTY BURNER - 2 minutes

Bridge Pose

Start lying on your back with your legs bent. Extend one leg straight up. Push up into Bridge Pose, pulsing leg upward.

Bridge Pose

Return butt to the ground but keep the leg lifted. Immediately push up again. Keep lifting and pulsing for one minute. Repeat on the opposite side.


BOAT POSE SIT-UPS - 30 seconds

Boat Pose

Start in Boat Pose. You can bend your knees if this is too difficult. Slowly lower to the ground keeping your arms extended in front of you, or lifting them over your head for a bigger challenge.


As soon as your body is fully extended, immediately use your engaged abs to help you lift back up into boat. Repeat for 30 seconds.

Repeat entire sequence.

For an added challenge, use light weights!